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Formula ISI 2012 - Full Grid 1.0

Full grid to adequately simulate the (fictional) 2012 season

  1. Gui Cramer
    I created a full grid of fictional cars based in 2012 Formula 1 to increase the available F-ISI teams in the game, and make something more immersive than what was available. This adds fictional teams emulating the real life counterparts on the Formula ISI (F1 2012) cars. It includes full liveries, helmets, suits, and AI for:
    • notRedBull
    • notToroRosso
    • notFerrari
    • notMcLaren
    • notWilliams
    • notLotus
    • notManor
    • notHRT
    • notArrows
    This is based on the latest version of the F-ISI cars. A big thank you to boxer for compiling my original work into this standalone .rfcmp and also creating the thumbnails. Look up his work, he made the great 2014 Indycar pack (also standalone) that is a must-have.

    If you are enjoying my work and would like to show any appreciation then feel free to donate, even just $1 makes a difference.


    F-ISI 2012 (1).jpg F-ISI 2012 (2).jpg F-ISI 2012 (6).jpg F-ISI 2012 (3).jpg F-ISI 2012 (4).jpg F-ISI 2012 (5).JPG F-ISI 2012 (6).jpg F-ISI 2012 (7).jpg
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