Formula Hybrid 2017 Dash for SimHub 1.2

Clone of the RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 in-game steering wheel screen for SimHub

  1. davewilliams000
    My first dashboard for dash studio in the excellent SimHub (by Wotever). I've recreated my Formula Hybrid 2017 dash as seen in my Nextion template, but with much much more detail as dash studio isn't as limited as Nextion - I have now included all the small items that I didn't even notice before.

    Resolution is 1200x720 (5:3) as my new screen is 800x480, which is a 5:3 aspect so it will scale down if needed.

    Everything works, with a couple of exceptions: 1) Water Temp is not available to SimHub from AC so will show as 0, 2) there is a section of the in-game steering wheel screen on the car that says "SoC" (State of Charge) I haven't yet worked out what property this displays yet.

    ERS bars are fully working and so is the fuel gauge on the left. The brake bias indicator has both numbers and a working dial display too.


    Edit: updated screenshot for fuel gauge fix v1.1
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  1. magzire86
    Version: 1.1
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