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Formula Ford 1.1

True2Life Racing-Gunthar Rowe

  1. Justin Swan
    Author :True2Life Racing-Gunthar Rowe

    Welcome to the True2Life-Racing 2011 Formula Ford Series v1.10 Public Release!!

    Formula Ford runs a number of different chassis and this mod runs a blend of those various chassis.

    - extract to main Race07 folder


    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07

    This Mod wouldn't have been possible without:

    - Günthar Rowe - Idea, Physics, Modelling, Templates, Textures
    - Kenny Press - 2011 UK Teams and some Fantasy Teams
    - ESP - Classic F1 Team Liveries
    - Beta Testers - FuNK!, Mike Coleman, Ross McGregor, Rupe Wilson, Rhys Gardiner
    - RaceDepartment.com & Bram Hengeveld
    - Weissbierbude.de & Hubschrauber
    - True2Life-Racing.com
    - Simbin (of course)
    - Ford, all the Formula Ford organisations, their teams and drivers
    - You, the Sim Racing Community!

    -#-#-#-#-#- Changelog -#-#-#-#-#-

    v1.10 Public Release

    - initial public release


    1. 91398.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Dean
    Tony Dean
    Version: 1.1
    One word, awesome
  2. Slalom823
    Version: 1.1
    This is a great mod and half the reason I will always keep Race 07 on my computer.
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