Formula Corsa W06 Skin 0.8

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  1. bastoner97
    i tried to make the skin more like the real one, adjusting the black part on the body floor, the petronas logo and the side wings. I hope you will enjoy it. Next step will be the engine cover and i will try to make the black part a little bit better :D
    Old One:
    New One: [​IMG]
    Real One : [​IMG]

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  1. T04STY
    Version: 0.8
    I really appreciate your work but if you take a look on the livery from bahrain or spain the old one is accurate. The one you are looking at is from pre season testing.
    but thanks for the work anyways :)
    1. bastoner97
      Author's Response
      Omg you're right lol. The side pods are black and the engine cover also :D