Formula Black Series

Formula Black Series 1.1.1

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Hey guys,

maybe you know some of my black cars. The BlackBull. The Blackerham. And so on.

Now I've created the rest of the field, ad - as you may imagine - everything in black. On the pictures you can see the Sauber in standart livery, but I've fixed that in the mod, so don't be irritated by this :)

The mod includes the Black and White Ferrari by User UniqX77. Thanks for allowing me to use it! You can download it from here:

The mod also includes a black SafetyCar!

Hope you enjoy, if you find any mistakes in the mod please tell me!


Latest updates

  1. McLaren Mobil 1 Version specocc

    So, now worked on the specocc, should be better now.
  2. McLaren Mobil 1 Version

    Added a McLaren Mobil 1 version, in the folders you can choose between the usual MP4-29 and...

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good !!!
Truly awesome :)

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