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Formula Agile 1.31

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-Small and ultralight uncompromised openwheeler design.
-Powered by a Boxer 4 with an output of 365bhp at the crank
- grippy slicks and high torque at low rpm give it exellent performance out of slow corners
-Small size makes it ideal for tight tracks




The Formula Agile comes only with a handful of unique Liverys to keep the folder size small, but theres plenty of Community made Liverys

Community made Liverys:

Example for a very well done skin from "Formula Heine"
Check out Frape56´s F1 inspired Skins. For example these (More on his page)

Skin Template Download Link:


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First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 60 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Mistake correction

    Little Mistake in the Update corrected
  2. Polish and Setup balance Update

    Everything apart from LOD´s should be done now. The shorter tires are only visual, nothing...
  3. First major update

    With this update comes the long awaited roll, but more importantly a custom collider. Before the...
  4. Post Release Hotfix

    IMPORTANT: Always reinstall the car from scratch. You need to delete the old car folder...

Latest reviews

absolutely great work! Thanks so much! Vielen lieben Dank!
My dear Jakoman3 ,

Big thanks for this car , She is perfect to drive , better than a lot of cars in this game realy thx !

Can you please make a Indycar ! i'm french and i love F1 but i love the sensation how driving is sens to be in a Indy , its maybe too why i like so much your car ! You are a great modder , even one of the !

Salutation distingué !
Great Fun! Interesting that the tires start off at 67% wear and slowly ramp up to 100% when in matter though, great fun indeed!...;)
Damn! What a hot little pocket rocket! Great fun!
Again, with version 3, had a 6 lap race at IMOLA, Fan TAs Tic
Top ten out of almost 200 "keepers" in my AC Cars folder. Just spent a hour running around the Ring in it this evening. Ridiculously fun.
thank you for this amazing mod
Excellent, demanding and fun to drive
Thanks so much
Great job
Thanks for the updates jakoman3. This is a really fun car.
Hands down my favourite mod on AC.
Thanks a lot for updating this little daemon (as I wrote previously, a very good surprise !) and keeping it at his best ! ;-)
Beautiful. Thank you
fun to drive and fun to try and master
The second i hopped into this car I felt comfortable. Great balance between power, weight and downforce. Well done!
Lots of fun, this car ;]
Excellente formule ! on en veut plus !! <3
drives well sounds well looks well good ... and it has my initials all over it = daily drive for sure many thanks for this not stopped driving it for couple of days :)
Nice mod, good conduction and physics. But I've got a problem with the AI, so I reach 10 km/h more than they. I don't no if it is due to the difficulty or mod problems. But anyway, really good mod and I'm anxious for more!!
Nice Mod!!! Thank You!!!!
great, but please: if Protection Bar, then please turn it off. I find these things ugly on a formula car.
Used the v1 but its a perfect car. I also love how you work on it.
Schöne Grüße aus Schleswig Holstein :D
Muchas Gracias
Outstanding car, extremely fun - well done :)!!
I've been saving this until the addition of the roll-bar: It's superb! I always felt it looked a bit naked before, but now it's tough to beat as one of the most fun easy-to-drive open-wheel cars there are in the game. Reminds me a bit of a pro-mazda, and fits the bill pretty well with my line-up of american open-wheel cars, except it's faster than URD's indy lights car o.o

great work!
As i said. With the new roll bar this is...

The cars have a unique, very characteristic touch, at first I thought it would look like an F3 or Super Formula, but it's quite different, this car is really special, made by someone who likes racing and looks a lot like what I did. I imagine ideal formula car. Congratulations, very good, I recommend to all who like formula cars. Have fun.
Looks amazing but I haven't been able to drive it. Whenever I launch a race with this car in the assetto corsa launcher it loads but then kicks me back to the menu. Can you help me fix this?
It might be fixed the next update. It includes a custom collider. Someone mentioned that he switched the collider and then it worked for him somehow. So that issue would be gone
Muy divertido de manejar y suena excelente. Gran trabajo. Gracias!