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Formula A BMW Sauber F1.09 1.0

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2009 BMW Sauber F1.09 skin for Formula A.

When chargingcar provide the templates of Formula A i decided to made a livery or two for pCars' Formula A.

basically i don't really remember when was this livery run in that season because it lacks logo.

done in 3 sizes as per usual.
note that i don't have the game. so i couldn't test it and i don't know how the result will be especially the reflection/specular and blur. but i hope that there's nothing wrong in it and you can enjoy the livery. if you notice something wrong please tell on the discussion thread so i can fix it as soon as the time allow.

a big thankie to CC for Formula A templates. and ML2166 for addressing the path for the livery (via his Formula A skins)


Latest reviews

You are always too good :O
That is why I created it to see stunning works of art like that! awesome work mate best livery so far . :)
i'm really happy to hear the compliment from you. your templates helped me a lot. no other words but huge thanks for your contribution to allow fellow members explore their creativities =)
Just always!
thank you Thom, hope it works well :)