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Formula A 3D/2D Templates

Formula A 3D/2D Templates 1.0

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Formula A Template pack
4096 UV and AO Ambient maps with PSD Files , Body/Rims
Updated from PCARS / PCARS2
From checking the liveries are the same UV , not 100% if any texture names ect have changed during the development , please use PCARS2 Skins/names have funn!

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Latest reviews

AWESOME! would be really cool to have more cars (for example a few GT3 cars) as 3D model to design a Livery for aswell :) don't know if you would be able to, but anyway great job!! helps me alot to make my livery for the Formula A :)
It sucks that the sim racing community have the only people that think they're entitled to get money for a hobby. pay what you want he says as he puts a 3,99 minimum on it. rip the sim race modding community in approximately 5 years
Thx for job
Thanks man :)