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Formula 3 - Enhanced Sounds 1.1

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Formula 3 - Enhanced Sound Mod!

This mod has upgraded sounds for the F3 cars, i have made the sounds clearer and sharper and more kick to them! These are all sounds from GSC 2013!!

These sounds can also be used for other kinds of cars! Just make sure the names are the same.

The Rev Limiter has been altered allot, it has become a mixture of the Formula Reiza Rev Limiter and the original F3 file! It's
about 80% Reiza, 20% original, if you really want the original, just keep that file in its folder!

To Install:

REMEMBER! Backup the original F3 map first if anything goes wrong or if you want the old sounds back!

Extract/Drop the F3 map in GSC2013\GameData\Sounds (if you don't know where your installation map of the game can be found, right click on
GSC's 2013 thumbnail and click Open File Location!

Have Fun! More sound mods will be created for the other cars! And one more thing, some sounds can maybe seem unchanged for the "untrained ears", but really sound better! Best way to check is to have the old files in a folder and the new files in a folder side by side and play them to hear the difference. Like, play the old F3_Sudam_backfire_1 and than the new F3_Sudam_backfire_1!


Latest updates

  1. Illegal sound bites removed

    Seeing i was unaware i could use sounds from another game i have removed those and used the...