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Formula 1 2019 ( + Fictional ) Full Grid Skinpack for RedBull X1 by TopRace aka. ELEMENT1999

Formula 1 2019 ( + Fictional ) Full Grid Skinpack for RedBull X1 by TopRace aka. ELEMENT1999 Final

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Hy Community and Network Racers :)
Here i presenting you my own Formula 1 2019 Skinpack for RedBull X1. It was rly a lot of Work and i have to say that the Skins are not perfect, but thats not what i intended, cause i thought that shure the Skins would be like the 2019 Teams, but cause the X1 is a fictional concept F1 Car so should be the Skins, especially the ones from the Main or Co-Driver.
So i created every Skin myself as the best i could do and with a fictional rule:

FIA Rule 2000(whenever):
"As the beginning of a new Era in Formula Racing with closed Wheels and Cockpits, new ways of producing Downforce and many other new Inventions in Formula Racing, all Teams in this Racing League MUST decide if the Main or the Co-Driver is Racing in the same Car with the opposite Colors or color swapped Version of the Teams Original Colors, to bring a bit Variety to the League, cause everyone drives in the exact same Car with exact same performance like HP / Wings / Engine...."

I hope my Skinpack is good enough and hope you like it ;)

A few small details:
-Formula 1 2019 Skins
-Fictional Co-Driver Skin
-Driver Names same as F1 2019 Grid

You can Download the RedBull X1 for free from Assetto land ( just google it ;) )

All Skins in this Pack:
__custom_showroom_1609621845.png __custom_showroom_1609621978.png __custom_showroom_1609622037.png __custom_showroom_1609622108.png __custom_showroom_1609622164.png __custom_showroom_1609622201.png __custom_showroom_1609622271.png __custom_showroom_1609622320.png __custom_showroom_1609622368.png __custom_showroom_1609622412.png

Good driving everyone and stay safe and healthy ;)
Oh and if you like my Work you can (if you want) donate me a coffee :D
Zero E. Midara
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