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Forest Rally (Fictional, Scratch Made, Rally Stage) v0.9

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I'm excited to announce the release my 3rd custom level for AC, Forest Rally (Previous work, Lakeside and Alpine Rally) This is a fictional rally stage in a European forest setting. Forest Rally is 8.5 km of high speed technical driving. I highly recommend running the course with Mesas', Lada VFTS. For an even greater rally experience try out the Co-Pilot mod for AC.

Special Notes:

I recommend running the AI @ 80% Strength, any higher and they act like kamikazees.

Ideal Time is 17:00 hours (5Pm)


- 8.5 km course
- Custom scratch made course, exclusively for AC (not ported)
- Multi-player ready
- Fully functioning AI (very challenging)
- Custom track side cams set up for replays
- Compatible with many weather settings

Credits: Dennis Neo @ 4K racing for his video


Big thanks to Dennis Neo @ 4K racing for his video !



Ingame Pics:

These screens were taken using the various, stock, weather settings.






Latest reviews

very well made track feels like something out of rbr
This track is well made and looks beautiful, but it's very difficult to drive. Tried Alfa GTA and I could just barely keep it on the road with low speed... Maybe those vintage tires are just so bad for gravel. New cars were easier to drive but I love to drive old classics. I'm using Xbox controller to play, so it makes things even more difficult... I just ordered G27 from Ebay but I still have to wait couple of days to get it. :)
This has to be my favorite rally track of all time! It has great layout and fun jumps mixed in with sweeping turns. If I had to recommend one modded track for Assetto Corsa, this would be it!
Thanks - looks good :)
very nice track, but i am having some fps issues, like its running below 30, any ideas?! thx anyway
Thanks a lot great track and very fun to drive
RBR fans will love this ... Superb work !! this is Rally
This one looks absolutely amazing!
Thank you very much for your hard work.
Love it, Alfa GTA is the perfect ride here
Great track, fun to drive, but am I the only one who starts in a black hole? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. When the track loads, I immediately start falling, then get ported to the start after a moment. If I want to restart, I have to select 'Restart Race' (teleport to black hole) then 'Back to Pits' to get back to the start. The rest of it's great though!
Absolutely BRILLIANT!
Great course layout. Amazing visual details.
Love you, thanks for this amazing track!
Well, after enjoying Lakeside for so long I enjoyed this track just by watching the vid. Very pro, very real, very everything that is too much to put in almost 4 year old son enjoyed the vid too a lot and for making him smile you get 5 stars....and off course for your hard and professional work.
One day I hope I'll manage to build my own track, but just maybe, of you'd be interested, I can tell you about my ideas and vision of what I have in mind in a pm? So long story short, do you take requests or co-ops?
Great work
Fantastic track! Why so shy and make only v0.9? :)
Problems can and do pop up ! FInal release will be v 1.0 !
Looks amazing, thank you!
A must have mod, especially for Rally Fans!
Where to begin? This is amazing work, excellent course, but better appointments, correctly colored road, trees, vegetation, everything is so well done. With my graphics mod....INCREDIBLE realism!
Hehe, glad you are enjoying it, i had a blast working on it and testing it ! Its quite challenging!
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