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Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari 1.0

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In late 1963 Henry Ford II decided that if Ferrari couldn't be bought, he would be beaten - by a Ford - cost no object. But Ferrari wouldn't go down without an epic fight!

The mod is fine tuned for both offline and online racing. The cars are fully balanced for performance, with each one still maintaining its own particular driving characteristics.

A joint effort with J-Turn and with the invaluable help of Cae Lumen, Erwin Schmidt, Flip, Juan Carrillo, Manuel Sertino, Munty, Politzania and Tom Rogerson.

As used in the AMSUnofficial.net FvF Championship and dedicated to all AMSUnofficial participants.

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271.4 MB
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Latest reviews

great graphic, great phisic, great ffb!
Very good and well made mod, its very immersiv and fun to master those wildcat. thank you for sharing it with us and thank you to mod for AMS1, i think it will never die, its my one and favorite sim :)
nice to see someone still modding AMS.
great addition, thx!