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Ford Transit: Broadbent & Bailey Circus 1.0

An homage to the fast bois of YouTube.

  1. zerobandwidth
    Shortly after Gary Paterson released the amazingly entertaining Ford Transit mod, I had a few ideas for silly custom liveries, and this was the first. Enjoy this homage to YouTube's favorite fast bois. Maybe this can be added to the Ascendant Multiclass Championship that already includes lawn mowers and caravans.

    This was planned as the first in a pretty extensive skin pack, but my time has been taken up with other liveries and other games entirely, and I've probably missed the initial tide of excitement anyway, so I figured I'd go ahead and release this one on its own. If I ever do get around to releasing the skin pack, this one will be included there as well.

    Screenshot_ford_transit_ks_silverstone_29-7-118-17-4-0.jpg Screenshot_ford_transit_ks_silverstone_29-7-118-17-4-48.jpg Screenshot_ford_transit_ks_silverstone_29-7-118-17-5-45.jpg
    acs 2018-07-29 17-06-19-40 small.png acs 2018-07-29 17-06-45-27 small.png acs 2018-07-29 17-07-01-65 small.png

    Enjoy. And please no punterino the truckerino.

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