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Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth BTCC

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth BTCC 2021

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Here’s a 1989 BTCC Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. I’ve included skins of the ’87 and ’88 BTCC-seasons from the original mod for more variety (double entries removed):

Version 2019.3 now available.


-Original mesh: ChongMcBong
-Skins (GroupA, DTM, Drift), tyre and light textures: NWRAP
-Porting, extra fixes, physics: Me [NWRAP]
-Sounds: GTACE, Kunos
-ECU: Alex72
-Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting

What’s new?

-Suspension: Pretty accurate McPherson in front, a strut mimicking semi-trailing arm at the back. Done with the help of Suspension Analyzer (Performance Trends). Do note that Content Manager doesn’t show it properly (problem with the original too), but in-game it is as it should be.

- Fully locked differential (i.e. spool) to save the rear tires as in real life. This will induce turn-in understeer and corner exit oversteer.

- Homologated gear ratios for 9-inch rear axle.

- Engine, tires, aero, colliders etc. This car has 254mm wide tires with 17-inch wheels as used by works and semi-works teams.

Latest updates

  1. Return of the Son of Sierra

    Last hurrah for this graphically outdated mod, for Custom Shaders Patch (doesn't work with...
  2. Final update...

    ...at least with all the skins present and vanilla physics. Smaller, if any, updates from now...
  3. AI rolling the car - fixed

    Final update.

Latest reviews

I (stupidly) overwrote the original files thinking the cars were included - but it's ONLY the DATA file, but now I can't seem to find the original cars link?
You cand find the previous full version (2019.3) from the History tab above.
There is a DATA file in the archive, nothing else.,,???
Very nice, a real drivers car
this mod is amazing man beautifully created spoilt us with the liveries driving this car is truely wonderful cheers buddy.
anyone that has drove cars from this era knows this is a badboy mod
The physics is all right, the power is good too. good competition for kunos touring cars. But I think the steering is too slow. Turning angle is lower than it should be, I think. Car doesn't seem to want to turn at all, especially at slow speed corners, chicanes and hairpins.
That sound man!
Great! Brilliant!
Simply stunning, very much appreciate ...will be using her in a AC club event in the very near future ...would be great if you was able to join us :)
Really good
What could I say other than this is a fantastic mod for AC. Really enjoyed this car and any fan of the BTCC should download and try for themselves. Love the turbo noises as well
What a car! The way this drives seriously makes me want to chuck my copy of Project Cars in a skip! So much fun to be had. So looking forward to any other BTCC greats you have in the works. Would love a Laguna Williams and Tarquini's Alfa.
Really fun to drive!
Thank you for your work. loads of skins to chose from. just remember this is an old car so it feels like an old car to drive. love the noises as well
I don't know the original car, but the mod feels very coherent. The car is a little trick, but it's not arbitrary and make a very good use of AC engine. The skins are too big (but are very well done)... I really appreciate if the author give a "lite" skin pack version, that could be very useful for those of us that don't have a lot of HDD space or a good hardware.

Thank you, mate! Bring more mods like this and get easy on criticism
Thanks for all the work you've put into this! Good to see this level of dedication to design and trying to get things as accurate as possible... :)
You're doing great work here, as an 80's kid I applaud you for bringing my dreams of wop bop bopping a Cossie around Donington to life.
Thanks for putting this mod back up, great job, keep up the good work! Also U still have statement on Overview tab that says Mod isn't available any more on RD. Thought U might want to know that :-)
Fixed, Cheers!
pretty sad you removed the mod just because of something some random reviewer said. There will always be a vocal minority of asshats - this is the internet.
Yeah commenter spoke like a complete fool. But this attitude of yours is quite rude and offensive to everyone else. One guy doesn't mean we suddenly all deserve to be called "pigs". Foolishness aside, the mod was very fun to drive, you did a great job on it. Would like to see it back up
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