Ford Mk. IV Gas Monkey Garage 2.1

Gas Monkey Garage skin for the Ford Mk. IV

  1. Ford Mk. IV Gas Monkey Garage ver 2.1

    Gave the spec file an update to produce a better mirror effect.
  2. Ford Mk. IV Gas Monkey Garage ver 2.0

    The Ford Mk. IV that Gas Monkey Garage built was detailed by Nick Chapman of Nicks Custom Detailing along with Jason Killmer, these artisans of detailing wet sanded all the paint until it was as smooth as glass. In this version I added a Nicks Custom logo on the back and worked with the spec and fresnel files to make the car look more like the real one. I also repainted the rims black and added the same shine.


    1. front.jpg
    2. rear.jpg
    3. gas monkey sema.jpg
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