Ford GT40 - Livery Skinpack

Ford GT40 - Livery Skinpack 0.95

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Really really nice skins. I LOVE the tires. I copied the Firestone and GoodYear skins to my Cobra Competition folder and renamed them so they would be on that car as well. They fit amazingly well.
chili pepper
chili pepper
Yes, they almost do...but note that the tire tread texture will be running across the tire. That said, the Cobra was in need of some new tires so I've been working on these:
Thank you! Incredible skins, I also really liked the tires, they look nice. :)
Very nice pack, some of the best looking GT40 liveries here
chili pepper
chili pepper
Thanks, appreciate everyone's ratings and feedback. I have a few more in the works but it could easily be another 8 months until I manage to finish them...
Great work, thanks a lot ! ;-)
THX!! Very nice!!!
And a big 'thank you' from me.
Can never have enough good GT40 repaints!