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Ford Fiesta R5 - CASCIANI LILLO - Rallye du Var

Ford Fiesta R5 - CASCIANI LILLO - Rallye du Var V.4

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Ford Fiesta R5 - CASCIANI LILLO - Rallye du Var
Instal: Just copy the folder frtom the zip file to the game directory "cars"

Hope you like it !!
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-16-96.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-15-96.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-14-22.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-12-76.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-11-26.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-43-03-16.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-42-58-20.jpg
dirtrally2 2019-07-26 16-42-56-72.jpg

credit to ArnoRallye84

Latest updates

  1. Color & Shades fix

    Color & Shades fix
  2. Wheels white

    Wheels white
  3. Wheels fix

    Wheels fix

Latest reviews

Give credit to ArnoRallye84
Lovely looking livery. Nicely done. A few things I would like to ask you. Is it in 4K or 8K resolution? Also if you look at the pictures where the sun shines on the white colour, it's way too bright. It hurts my eyes (sorry to say). Perhaps try to work with the lighting or lighting effects so that it becomes less bright and even more enjoyable to look at. And one more question. Are you creating a specular map for your creations?
the resolution is 4k the shines and the shades are fixed with the new pecular map;) Thanks again for the feedback ;) In all my liveries i include custom specular map.
Nice livery!
very nice, but the wheels are grey in the version you have given us
Thanks for the note i will fix it in the day ;)