Ford Escort Turbo RS BTCC Class 1

Ford Escort Turbo RS BTCC Class 1 1.2

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I'm Riky_sim and it's my first share.
I like to turn stock cars into race version and this is one of them:

BTCC version of the Ford Escort Turbo RS.

Original mod (stock version) from EarthWormJim90.

Tune specs according gathered info and data.

It has about 250hp and 950kg.
Is a pure front wheel drive driving style, with it's big turbo effect and "loose" rear end.
I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Back then it raced in at the BTCC championship in the little class (class 1)
It battled against the AE86.
I've tried to balance performance with the ATCC AE86 from assetto mods.
I'm sure I will enjoy it in an off-line race also.

Special thanks to Masscot for helping with little tweaks regarding lighting, driver position, etc.

It needs skins, so feel free to creat some!

More to come :)
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Latest reviews

i enjoy "repurposing" standard cars. thanks, race car ftw!
merci beaucoup
Thankyou for this great mod . many thanks
Great mod, nice physics, a lot of fun to drive. Only issue i have is that for some reason it keeps making the turbo flutter sound effect when under normal acceleration, but not a deal breaker by any means, nice work!
Great mod thanks for sharing. All I can say is keep at it please
one of the best fwd mods. superb.
an absolute blast! my latest love...

well done mate!
very nice to drive, but for me are missing mirrors
nice to drive, for sure it will improve over time.
Great work thanks
0k Thank =)
Very good mod, sound is awesome and it drives very very good. maybe add brake ballance.
Someone who knows a lot about physics has done some great work here. This car drives incredibly well for a 1600
Thanks for the review mate.
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