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Ford Escort Grp 4 - Gulf Blackrange Edition (update now a pack of 6 skins) 1.2

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Hi guy's !

So for this updates i have change many thinks :

1 : Motor, car underbody and other mechanical parts adjust to the skin color

Engine :

Rocker cover :

Some differents part :

2 - Now not one, but six skins each possess their own race numbers customized and attached to the left rear wing !

/!\ WARNING /!\
The button download of the post allows to download the pack.
BUT if you clic HEREEEE you can download independently each skin :p

3 - A new DRIVER RACE SUITS spécial Ford by Blackcelica added !

4 - Again a new "livery.png" for eatch numbers of skins :

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Hi guy's !

After seeing your comments i thought that i might be too much abuse on the quality of ".dds", so i remade a new version of the skin, it is now uncompressed 228mb instead of 907mb from the previous version and all without losing quality!

I also decide to change the "livery.png" because the old was a litle bit ugly for me ^^

old :

new :

Also i correct a minor default of black stripes on the front bumper of the car than i noticed on the screenshot of my post here ^^.


Known Bugs (correction provided in future updates):

- The sticker from the windshield (interrior view) continues to reflect the words of the former skin used for the base of mine.

- Tapes (hood, roof, trunk) that does not extend to the rear bumper

- The white stickers on the rear windows

PS: If you find other bugs / problems on the skin, do not hesitate to make them known to me, thank you ;)
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