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Force India VJM02 2009 2019-08-29

Force India,2009,Force India 2009 Skin,F1 2013 Skin,Force India VJM02

  1. Akhmad Faisal
    Force India VJM02 2009. My Third Mod.. F1_2013 2019-08-27 21-02-21-461.jpg F1_2013 2019-08-27 21-03-19-218.jpg F1_2013 2019-08-27 21-02-41-521.jpg F1_2013 2019-08-27 21-01-23-574.jpg

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  1. F1Anime
    Version: 2019-08-29
    Hi mate I would like you to do 1994 Pacific PR01 on Williams 1999 chassis. Also do 1994 Larrousse LH94 and Simtek S941 as well for F1 2013.

    Simtek S941 livery will be based on 1992 Williams Chassis and 1994 Larrousse LH94 will be based on 1988 Williams Chassis.

    Larrousse LH94 (replaces Caterham)
    Simtek S941 (replaces 1988 Williams)
    Pacific PR01 (replaces 1986 Lotus)

    You have to download the 1999 mod for F1 2014 which Thang Nguyen has reuploaded. For an example there will be classic car folders in the cars folder. Download the 2 parts of the 1999 mod first, and then extract all of the folders. Delete all of the folders from cars and interiors expect wi2. Then write c15 to replace wi2. BTW I found out that the 2009 Force India livery was based on 2013 Williams.
    1. Akhmad Faisal
      Author's Response
      I am trying, I am sorry if i too late Create a Mod because Busy to College
  2. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: 2019-08-29
    How do you know I'm making the 2009 mod for F1 2013?
    1. Akhmad Faisal
      Author's Response
      It just Coincidence, Modding is My hobby.. I Still Learn.. I am Rookie
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