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Force India Update 3.2 FINAL

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Hello everybody!!!,
My update was done in a car based on work by NobbyMilo, the gloves by Tomek, (Smirnoff logo in front top of car and helmets and suits of Pérez-Hulkenberg).
Thanks for download and I hope you like it!!! :)
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Latest updates

  1. Upload fix error in last update.

    Sorry I don't know what happened in the last upload of update file... The file was wrong, I did...
  2. Sergio's twitter corrected place on helmet

    Sergio's twitter corrected place on helmet.
  3. Smirnoff correct logos

    Smirnoff correct logos.

Latest reviews

Mike inc.
Mike inc.
Thanks!!! :)
The last update is pretty well done! Nice job man!
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
Thanks Buddy!!!
Now we can enjoy a real (most Possible) Force India Team!!! :)
Beautiful! Now i love Force India livery :D
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
The livery car is not mine buddy...
I´m just add a couple of logos.
Nice! Great job ... thank you!
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
Thank you very so much!!!
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
I do my best try... Thank you!!!
Ecellent. Thanks you.
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
Thank you!!!
Good real livery!
Mike inc.
Mike inc.
Thanks Buddy!!!