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Force India - Smirnoff 1.1

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This is the first skin I made, the layout is pretty much the same as the 2013 car but it has the 2014 colors. Also I removed the "Sahara Force India" logos from the side pods and replaced them by "Smirnoff" logos similar to the ones present in the VJM07. Another addition are "Ayrton Senna Sempre" logos that I added as a tribute to the great Ayrton Senna.
It is nothing special but I like it and it looks good in game.
Let me know of there is anything wrong with the skin.

Hope you like :)
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  1. Added another skin with slight difference in logos

    Now you can choose from two versions: Without bottle or With bottle The version "with bottle"...

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looks prety cool, i use it for the future :)
how do u do skins