For better race off the grid 2016-07-21

For better race off the grid

  1. senna9922
    For better race off the grid

    All this I was testing more than 100 times in Rfactor and now in AMS.
    This line work very well in my case, with custom track and raiza track also.
    AI in this case, mast to have some mechanical faults in qualifying and race,
    mechanical faults need to be set in the game.

    My only failure is the following, I can not get stuck the AI driver when the race start.
    Only one time I was managed to do that, with factor and Hockenheim track, I don't know how.

    You need to edit next line in gdb
    Attrition = 60

    And add the next line in gdb, in case you already don't have.

    Qualify Laptime = -4.0
    Race Laptime = -5.0

    For different behavior AI in the race, you need to cut the folder with driver names,
    and saved somewhere on safety place.

    The changes are not too big,but is visible in the race.
    They are no longer so perfect and have mistakes in driving. Of course this depends from circuit to circuit.

    You can check, my setup for plr file.

    Most of this I've discovered, on the hard way alone,
    but much of that I collected from the racing forums from people who share their knowledge.

    Best regards

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  1. holihon2012
    Version: 2016-07-21
    i don't really understand this: "you need to cut the folder with driver names", pls explain in more details cos i dont speak english daily.
    1. senna9922
      Author's Response
      Well you need to cut the drivers folder, and in the file engine I make the following change
      I don't know to explain very well this, but I can see the change in game,
      maybe without this folder engine run AI in totally different way.
      They are not so accurate, they have error like braking, turning etc...
      I want to say this is nothing special but it works nicely,
      with rcd file ai will drive, just like it is written in the folder.
      You can check, but if you do not like, you can return to the old settings.

      Best regards
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