Fonteny 1.0

No permission to download
Never saw an optimization work like that. It's beautiful, and I have 120-130 fps. Even on Kunos track I never have more than 70
Amazing Track!
Amazing Track! I made a video about Fontany:
This is masterpiece. Thank you so much.
This is the most beautiful track I have raced on. Even the official tracks aren't that detailed. Truly one of the best mods.
In 9 years of simracing this is the most fun I've ever had on a mod track. Simply amazing, super detailed and makes the nordschleife look like easy mode. Grab any car from the 40s-70s, one that you need to play with the balance and weight transfer and this track is truly unmatched. I can't get over how fun this is. All of your tracks are amazing but this one is just top tier.
All your creations are remarkable and particularly Fonteny. I appreciate the richness of the details of the environment and of course the quality of the road. Well done.
Amazing track, thank you !
Love this Track.
I must say thank you!
your contribution to the community is immense. this circuit is a gem.
beyond the quality of the modeling work. the details are set to create two things:
an incredible atmosphere and an aid in reading the layout. driving pleasure on the track is instantaneous. little advice to the community. To discover these roads take the Porsche Singer 3.8L (another beauty offered). the smile will no longer want to leave you.

thank you again sir FAT-ALFIE
Fonteny = Mix(Nord+Spa66+Old LeMans), but better.
Congrats, truly impressive achievement.
PERFECT!!! Thank you.
Awesome job as always, thanks.
Its my favourite Mod Track beacuse I´m getting an Adrenaline Rush with old Vintage Cars on this track! The Track feels like the Old Südschleife and the old Nordschleife! The Track has very detailed sourroundings! I recommend to drive the Audi Union Typ C arround this Track and also the Porsche 917 K
Grandioso trabajo !! fantastica, y muy bien elavorada. enhorabuena, todas tus tracks son de lo mejor de AC. Gracias.
Awesome work like always.
A Fat-Alfie track is a five-star track.
High quality! Excellent work! Thanks!
this is a work of art
please support creator
This and ACL prototype legends, thanks
Amazing work!
If LeMans and Nordschleife would bang this track would be their child. One of the greatest tracks I´ve ever driven on. Great Job
Simply fantastic - wonderful road circuit, just pleasure to drive!
DAAAMN this is fckn gold.
it only needs collitions in the trees and other few stuff that are in the sides of the road...
i just did a night hotlap and it was incredibly immersive, the faint street lights, and the beautiful road, this is a must have. suitable and exciting for hill climb, vintage cars or any type of race
I'm glad you like it, Olaeger. I will be uploading v1.1 quite soon, with a couple of tiny fixes, reverse layouts for both race and track day, plus collision on all the larger track-side objects (but not trees, though)
The most beautiful track and very fun to drive
One of my favourite tracks alla categories! I was a bit sceptic that a long track could have so many details, but it is one of the best. I like the cars parked beside the track, but they make me lose my concentration for a moment when I am trying to figure out what car it is.
One Hanomag at least, that's good.
You, dear sir, are a genius! This amazing piece of art is the 4th track you've published here on RD, that made it to my "all time favorites" list, which makes 100%. Please never stop making incredible content like that.
An insane amount of work must have gone into this. It's a masterpiece.
Superb! Goes right alongside Nürburgring! Please keep adding to it.
I thought your other tracks were amazing, but this takes it to another level, thanks so much for this!
Magnificent, a true masterpiece it really is.
Best VR road track in SIM racing, stunning masterpiece. Alfie thank you so much.
It makes me anxious to think about the working hours you have spent on this track. And all the others. Outstanding.
This track; its a masterpice, its art at the highest level.
your tracks are just amazing, the best out there. especially this blew my mind. expect my donation, as soon as i have a job.