Fonteny 1.1

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bravo merci
thanks for free
Amazing track! 5/5 stars :)
Pure delight!
This is simply one of the best track mods for Assetto Corsa!! Right up high in the league of LA Canyons. Amazing scenery and track layout. It's also fun to go cross country inside the map. It's all accessable and great fun to mess around :D Thank You very much!!
Ok just amazing. Such ambiance and a feeling of 'being there'. Your best work so far. Now we need to add some lights. :)
Thanks very much for the review. The track does come packaged with a CSP config file so at night you should be seeing streetlights around the track and the pit building / timing tower on the start/finish straight. Maybe check that you don't already have a config file in \assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded
One of the best track mods for AC, many thanks!
May very well be one of the finest user made tracks ever made. I cant think of a single complaint. It flows beautifully from corner to corner, the attention to detail from buildings to objects, vegetation is second to none.
Awesome Track, love it.
Excellent track. Thanks.
Love it, very good track.
Merci beaucoup!!!!
Thx a lot !!! Very good track !!
PS: It's guys like you, Ilja, Peter and others that made AC as great as it is and even keep it on the simulation throne!

I cannot thank you all enough!
Merci mon enfant d'avoir ajouté des fenêtres à mon église. Mon troupeau peut maintenant voir la plaque de collecte. Signé, le vicaire.
Haha!! I thought you would see the light! >_<
Exactly what I've been looking for. Better than Solitude, Machwerk, Feldberg, Deutchlandring, Nürburgring Gesamtstrecke, Reims and old Charade all together. Excellent work!
Hi! Another awesome track by Fat-Alfie! I just love your tracks! :)
Though I have a problem with the tourist version of this one: if I start a trackday (using CM) most of the cars don't get off the parking lot and if they do eventaully (by driving over grass and such) the don't get by the gates on the street... What am I doing wrong??
Hi there. The track day layouts were only really intended to be used online with human drivers - I never had much luck in getting the AI drivers to navigate their way out of the car park, unfortunately. I will take another look for you though, and see if there is a way to make them useable offline too.
Thank you very much, this circuit is wonderful, I take immense pleasure. A small problem for me with the last update, the lampposts are flashing, it did not happen with the old version.
Please delete the old .ini file for Fonteny in your extension/loaded folder. The track now comes with its own config file and the old one is causing a conflict error.
Wonderful, must have!
Wonderful !
I love this kind of track and this one is one of the best !
AI is well balanced and the replay are wonderful.

Just if i can ask for 2 improvements :
- a drone cam could be wonderful in this magnificient map
- A shorter track (6-8kms) could be better for race, because a 5 laps race means quite 1hour !

Thank again, i will give a little contribution to encourage your work (Thomson is qite prefect and Feldergring is also one of my favourite).
Thanks for the review. The drone camera set is certainly something I will look at adding, but I certainly won't be making the track shorter! I wanted to make something that gave me the same thrill that the Nordschleife does, and for me, Fonteny ticks that box. You might enjoy the next track I am working on, Bremgarten - 7.2km long and similar flowing lines :)
Amazing work you are very talented at this :) Feldbergring is one of my fav track
It's people like you that make the sim racing community such a brilliant place. Great work & for letting everyone enjoy it.
Immersion factor is prime, and this creation delivers the max. Thank you for your effort (and have a beer on me). There's just that one super tight corner where the ai always cuts across it at full tilt (but seems to always survive the disruption)...
It´s more than a track, it´s a piece of art you can drive in! Great work ! Thanx a lot !
No brainer this is a must have for every AC simracer.
Great work!!
This Track is awsome!!!
great work, thank you so much
Nice improvements. Lookin real good.
I go to this track whenever I want to think to some music and just get lost in the zone. This is amazing work beside your two 'rings. Thank you very. very much Alf.
beautiful track, nice update, thanks my friend!!!
unique, wonderful track