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Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 1 1.8

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lost all sounds, hope u can fix that
I lost all car sounds of the supported cars :( hope you can fix it or you know wgats the problem?
Completely lost my Ferrari 458 sound :( I tried your audio fix to no avail.
Excellent work ***** brilliant sounds, just perfect !!! Thank you :-)
If you dont know if it`s worth a shot, here`s a direct comparison real life vs. this mod and vanilla: https://youtu.be/KdTxCMDVqGY
Sounds are good, but some lack the quality that others have.
I'd like to give it a good rating as the sounds are amazing in the video, but for some reason I don't have any sounds after installing this mod. Apparently this problem has been persisting for over a month, as other users back in September reported the same problem.
The reason I'm giving this mod and the other three ones al well the lowest possible score is because the sound mod is not working. It used to but it does not any more. Even worse it only doesn't work for the cars it was intended to work for it also affects other cars. I'll review the mod if it gets an update that works. I have to say that when the mod worked it was pretty incredible.
I have lost all car sounds from this mod. I changed the MAX CHANNEL and that did nothing. What shound I do?
Is this still working ? Had all the sounds but none are working even with 512 channel tweak... can u help ?
Installed the sound Packs a while ago.
Needed to say every sound is amazing.
Thanks for your work
Excellent but can't get it to work lately. Shame it was such a good mod.
Oldies but Goodies.
You might find good car sounds on by one BUT there is no such compillation of excellent sounds out there. Except for the other three parts of your master piece :)
THX so much!
Later & Servus, Yours ART FLY
Apparently, you CAN play online, amazing!
Adds a level of detail to the cars included that simply was not present in the Kunos audio. Audio plays such a big part of the immersion experience - making this mod an essential addon to Assetto Corsa. Case in point - Ferrari 458 italia.....so much more engaging. Kudos Fonsecker...I should have installed your work a long long time ago. 10/10
The sounds are great, but a new AC update broke all the engine sounds I think. I can't hear any engine sounds and had to delete all the sfx folders and verify game cache. Tried the mod again, still doesn't work. Can you fix this?
absolutely awesome !
add all BMW cars like BMW M4
Brilliant sounds, just perfect