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Flying Ballistic Cars FINAL

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How High Can You Go?

Hi All,

My mate and I were screwing around with the performance files a year or two ago to see how stupid we can make the AI's go, the result is something you have to see :)

This mod affects all cars.

To Install:
(Remember to backup first)
Follow folder directory from archive and replace files in your F1 2016 directory
bandicam 2018-03-26 10-50-31-208.jpg
bandicam 2018-03-26 10-50-36-141.jpg
bandicam 2018-03-26 10-52-01-941.jpg

Thanks for downloading ;)
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  1. Added Option

    Version 1.1 Added the performance file for people who might have conflicting mods. To Install...

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It is fun but i have tried putting it for all cars and it just go wuth the sauber.I don´t know if it is my problem. Sorry because my bad english.
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