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Flat6 GT3 Enduracers v1.1 1.3

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Here the newest version included all the updates.
Update v1.3 made by @Bjarne Hansen and @fredmucelini.

- Starting tire temp higher.
- Better brakelights and become more visible.
- HDV modification about realfeel and wheel rotation.
- Modify .veh files.
- New rear wing.
Update by @fredmucelini and Franklin Stegink

- 07 Additional skins;
- Removal Of LED lights that were positioned wrong.
Texture adjustment for: brightness, contrast and colors for:
- all skins;
- All LED lights;
- Cocpit;
- External car-glare.

- HDV on realfeel
- added tire sounds

Install instructions:
When you have version 1.0 or version 1.1:
Just overwrite your version with the newer one.

When you have not version 1.0 or 1.1:
Install the new version 1.2
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