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Flat6 GT3 Enduracers v1.1 1.3

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Great models.. average cockpits, and I don't like the FFB, feels not like the reiza cars..

sry good try vo. :)
Awsome mod bud good work! and so fun to drive
great mod! cars oversteer a lot, but but thats must likely due to my driving style. looking forwards to future updates.
Great mod, but is missing the tires sound
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I shall try to fix it.
great job :)
Grabbed before it is taken down :) Great upload.
And less than 24 hours later, the ffb has been sorted..cheers for this awesome mod!
I'll second that, definitely one of the best mods out there! There's the odd graphical glitch here and there and I think the ffb is a little strong but wow this is fun to drive..round Le Mans at night is amazing :D
Probably one of the best mods out there

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