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FISI Masters HRT Skin 1.1

Fantasy Skin showing spanish corporate sponsorship on iconic Red/White/Chequered 2011 livery/

  1. David O'Reilly
    This skin started with a recreation of the 2011 HRT livery which is a personal favourite. As well as IMO a stunning design it was the best multiplayer car in F1 2011 and I drove 2 seasons in it. It was Daniel Ricciardos first F1 drive as well.
    Then I started to dream of what might have been if Spains biggest corporates had gotten behind the minnow that was HRT.
    I chose 3 Spainish corporates: Telefonica-Massive telco.
    Repsol and Festina.

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Recent Reviews

  1. lgel
    Version: 1.1
    Very nice and well done.
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