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Fictional Williams-Honda & Williams Mercedes

Fictional Williams-Honda & Williams Mercedes 1.1

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Greetings :thumbsup:

this is my 2nd mod. Fictional Williams Honda & Williams Mercedes. :D
car livery only.
this skin is based on my previous work. but now with correct 2014 driver numbers (Massa : 19, Bottas : 77).
i've changed & added some logos here. and also made the car in dark blue (originally in blue)
done ONLY in HD res. so enjoy :D
Big thanks to :
1.ML2166 for the 3D Models :thumbsup:
2. @Wilmer Chavez for his beautiful renders
3. @w1n1x for the tips
4. all of you who have download this livery!

here they are the pics below:
Williams Mercedes

Williams Honda

enjoy and thanks:thumbsup:!
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Latest updates

  1. now added the Williams-Mercedes ver

    as some people asked for the Williams Mercedes-Benz, now i add the Mercedes-Benz ver of...

Latest reviews

Great. Love it
This is brilliant! Thank you!
Henky SA
Henky SA
welcome Robert! hope you enjoy it :D
thank you very much
Henky SA
Henky SA
welcome :) hope you enjoy it :D
Looks nice! Would you mind trying one with Mercedes, as they will be racing Mercedes V6 Turbos this season? Love the livery!
Henky SA
Henky SA
i'll do it tomorrow :D
looks nice
Henky SA
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