Fictional West McLaren Mercedes

Fictional West McLaren Mercedes 1.0

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Replaces the current McLaren skin with a fictional West McLaren Mercedes skin, one of my favorite F1 liveries.

Was only ever intended as a personal reskin for an SP Career. Though it seemed like a few others would get some enjoyment out of using it so decided to release it to the public.



Had to use some 'creative license' due to the mirroring etc. and also some of the gradient is abit low res due to how small those pieces are on the UV itself, but in actual racing views I haven't found it to be very noticeable.

Thanks to ML2166 for the 2013 Photoshop cars and obviously credit to Codemasters for the original pieces.
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Latest reviews

Nice job! Can you make it for 2014?
It's awesome. I would love though if you could add versions that have "Mika" and "Kimi" on the sidepods, just like old days.
Great Job... Amazing!!!
excellnt, all smply :))
very nice. classy even.
Resembles the West McLaren livery!
Excellent work ;)
Wow, that's all i have to say
great job buddy! :D nice skin
I love this skin too :)
beautiful !!!!!!!!!
One of my favourite liveries as well. Great job!

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