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Fictional Porsche Martini Racing DHD&HD&SD 1.0

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After a little timeskip here I am. I shall bring you these two beautys
Both are done in the usual sizes (DHD,HD,SD), choose the one you like (Imporant note! :Highly recommended to use the size which your pc can handle.)
I advise you to use this along with the 2015 season mod otherwise the names will be messed up.
The car uses the Redbull's chassic and it will replace the RB car too. Everything replaced :
  • Ultra Sharp Logos
  • New Carbon texture
  • High quality nuts,screws
Bla bla bla... The list could go on but I'm too lazy to write everything down.
Included the Williams's material file. If it doesn't look good then just replace it with the original one from the Redbull or experiment with other team's material one and see which one works the best for you.
I don't own the game, so I haven't tested it in game yet . If you encounter any issue just tell and I will try to fix it. Made these two cars using only the 2d templates cause my GPU has died not too long ago and I can't use any 3d models , Keyshot models currently to check my work and make any complicated liveries than these, I would need the game to check it but I can't so I'm very limited right now. Will get my new GPU in two weeks time so I can bring you guys more creative liveries

Note! : Please don't make too many requests for me now because I'm very busy in real life. Both my girlfriend and my studies(the amount of homeworks keeps increasing). It's already too much to handle.

huge credit goes to :
  1. Wilmer Chavez for the templates
  2. Henky SA for the nice renders
  3. NobbyMilo for the new Rexona logo.
  4. ML2166 for the chrome rivet.
Thank you guys, really appreciate all your efforts :thumbsup:
Have fun riding these two bad girls:sneaky:
Version 1:

Version 2:

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Latest reviews

Can't wait a team pack. Good skin
wonderful,thanks for dhd.
Sure,no probs!
Good job !
you should do a teampack , one of if not the best skin I´ve seen for F1 2014
Damn, what a beauty *_*
Wow, amazing livery.
you have my 5 stars!
And you have my thanks for the renders =)
Stunning skins, both look awesome!
gr8 design...gj man
Thanks,appreciate your kindness
This is Insane :o
Sure they are :P, thank you
This is what I am looking forward to! Keep up the good work! Hope you could do skins like lotus and etc.
Very nice man :)
Thank you =). Glad you like it.