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Fiat Tipo Competizione

Fiat Tipo Competizione 1.0

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Truly awesome FWD car, great model, drives really well. Think it would make a grate car for an online championship. Absolutely awesome!! Check out my video review.

Bellissima mod,
Davvero molto divertente da guidare.
Ottimi i suoni e molto bella esteticamente.
very nice mod and sound ... thank you!!
Nice for hotlap, but really poor fps in race on my system.
los graficos y la sensacion al manejarlo es exelente pero no me funcionan los sonidos, sera porque no tengo todos los dlc?
no debería haber problemas, probá borrando y descargando de nuevo, ya que los sonidos vienen dentro de la descarga.
Amazing.. Thank you!!
Gracias amigo un muy lindo auto !!!
Excellent. Well done.
nice mod
The Model is quite good and the cockpit is really well made but the Livery's are kinda low Quality
Loved the 3D model, the car is soooo pleasent to drive and race. Looking forward to more mods from OP, keep up the work!
Awesome work alegol!
thanks my friend, see you on the courts
Muy Bueno, Lo probe en el 12 y se maneja muy bien y suena bien tmb. Excelente trabajo. Quedo a la espera de que compartas otro buen coche
If you update the mod, please make a wiper animation. Big thanks for the Fiat, Realy a good work.
it's just a holiday!
nice work !
Clave Amigo! Me haces muy feliz subiendo estas categorías argentinas!! Seguí así!
A very pleasant surprise indeed. Looks, sounds and drives great. I particularly like the brutal audio. Also, one extra invisible star for having the driver's head position and mirrors set perfectly by default. So many mods need a lot of adjustments as soon as you get in the cockpit but everything was already just right. Thanks!
More fiat!!!
An incredible road course car. Head out to Sonoma with Mascot's balloons. Big fun
Good work !
Good job mate