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Fiat Tipo Competizione

Fiat Tipo Competizione 1.0

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Esta muy bien hecho, aunque por alguna razon no me funciona el tablero. Al margen de eso, excelente.
es muy buen mod solo tengo un problema en tablero no enciende algien podria ayudarme
Tks a lot. Its a very high quality mod. But I want to ask if someone is receiving a error message in the loading game screen after the instalation
el auto esta muy bueno. tengo una duda nomas, las ruedas de atras siempre las tengo en color azul, entre 58 y 64 grados. hay alguna forma de subirles la temperatura o asi estan bien? gracias
Beautiful ! just love it! thank you
Très bon mod, bonne physique et sympa à jouer en ligne sur SRS. Cependant, j'enlève une étoile car en VR le HUD intérieur ne fonctionne pas tout comme le racelogic
very good mod
amazing man! thanks :)
thanks again
buenisimo mod,bien hecho!!!
I like this car, drives great and beatiful sounds. However the dashboard font is missing for me, so I can't see the current gear and other metrics, which kinda sucks for in VR.
This car feels great. What the hell is "steering assist"?
Drives great, but the dashboard doesnt work for me, any solution ?
Tengo un problema con el dashboard que no me funciona en las cámaras interiores, hay alguna solucion? le pasa a alguien más?.
Muchas gracias de antemano
Currently enjoying this car in the SimRacingSystem hourly series. Beautiful model, if a bit heavyweight. Needs an adjustment in its optimal tire pressure, as they're constantly in the red even starting from minimum. Very fun to drive. Thanks for this work, and I look forward to future updates.
tengo solo un detalle, no entiendo porque el parabrisas aparece manchado, como de aceite, desconozco el porque...
Absolutely outstanding.
First of great choice of a series to make.
Car handles excellent, just what you'd expect from low power race prepped family car.
You can feel the lightness of it on every corner entry and on exit it has just enough power to make you delicate with your right foot but not enough to put you in the grass every time the loud pedal goes 0.1mm down too far.
On graphics side it's nearly perfect, just the exhaust pipe seems to render weirdly and the dash/motec screen could do with some love.
Sound is great, engine has a really nice rasp note and the backfires when lifting seem to have some of empty car shell echo mixed in.
Its one of theese cars that is easy to drive but hard to master, yet it does not frustrate when you try to push it, every time I messed up i knew exactly what I've done wrong and could not possibly blame the car.
Awseome work, hope it will keep getting updated with more polishing touches.
Thought I'd take this one for a quick spin testing it for its SRS series coming up tomorrow, and found myself not being able to stop putting in lap after lap after lap! This thing comes alive in no time and doesn't let you go, thoroughly responsive and enjoyable, very well done.
I love it. A great FWD Touring car, and a complete blast to race !
great fun - love fwd cars & this is so much fun & superbly done - thank you for sharing this.

Any chance of a skin template please as that would be the icing on the cake?

Thanks again
well done - drives way diffrent than real, road legal one
Awesome car!
bueniiiiiiisiiimo va genial
Muy buenoo

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