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Fiat Punto s2000 Duval rallye du condroz 2007 1.1

Fiat Punto s2000 Francois Duval Rally du condroz Yacco

  1. pedro272
    Driver- Duval
    Codriver- Delmelle
    Cars-Fiat Punto s2000 Abarth
    Rally- Rallye du condroz 2007

    extract the rar archive and copy the games in the root
    Replaces livery 3/7
    DiRT Rally 16-11-17 18_04_36.jpg

    DiRT Rally 16-11-17 18_03_44.jpg DiRT Rally 16-11-17 18_03_50.jpg DiRT Rally 16-11-17 18_04_06.jpg
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