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FIAT 805 405 (1923) 1.1

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Beyond fantastic ,great job.
Just amazing... I can't even imagine the courage you must have to drive these cars...
nice =)
Perfect Excellent work. Thank you
This period is most welcome and fills a gap in a game. I would like to hear more gear trouble. I´m sure the gears needed to be lured in and if not, it let itself be heard.
Excellent work! I love these vintage cars and tracks and this car is another fine example! Keep up the great work!
Beautiful model, the noise of the engine is maddening though! Well it's not your choice I know :) but I pity the drivers of back then!
im a huge fan of classic car racing and i just hit the mothload with your mods. thanks so mujch for making theese
Fantastic! I had fun with the Tours car around Monaco. Thanks so much. I'm sorry some birk gave you 1 star on the Delage as he couldn't get it to load. Keep up this amazing set.
Thanks. I'll be charitable and assume it's someone new to RD who made a mistake. Don't really care too much about ratings tbh, but I also don't care to help someone who asks for it like that.
Awesome! Love these pre-1930's racers. Are the 1910 FIAT S76 Record "Beast of Turin" or the 1909 Blitzen Benz in your horizons?
Absolutely brillant! I drove the car in the past few days and it is perfect in every way. There is a great attention to details (3d model, textures, animations) and the physics feels so realistic. Just perfect!
It deserves to be one of the best mod ever made for AC.
Thank you very much for your effort :)
Great MOD one car I can drift! without crashing.
Great car! Thank you. Sorry to read about you loss. Stay safe.
I love that sunk in leather strap. Only the Italians would have that attention to style. And the turned metal on the dash. Oh baby. If you're looking for your next vintage project, the Fiat 806 from 1927 is pure sex.
Need more like this! Thanks!
Man, pretty pretty cool car, thx!!!
The best modder for these old cars!
24mo mod, my kind of mod
you are unstoppable aren't you ? :D
and we thank you for that !
Another great car, thanks.
Thank you so much for your hard work! Amazing car!