FIA GT3 2010

FIA GT3 2010 1.1

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Not sure which one of the FIA GT3 rfactor mods this was originally or who converted it but its quickly become my go to mod in GSCE.

Cars Included:

v1.1 added realfeel FFB, thanks to @Paul Smith and @Rupe Wilson

Latest updates

  1. added Realfeel FFB

    Massive thanks as ever goto the origional creators of this great mod and @Paul Smith & @Rupe...

Latest reviews

People who rate this one 4 or 5 stars need to go play GTR2 or GT3 cars from Assetto Corsa.
These cars are 100% wrong...
Cockpits have very weird dimensions and low-res textures.
Sounds are wrong, it's like you put Ferrari engine sound on Aston Martin, etc.
Physics are non-existent...

And the worst part...
Some cars are completely broken, like the Ford which can't even accelerate above 170km/h or so, even when you shift gears.
Some don't have any sound anymore when you brake hard...
Some go to the same speed whether we're in 1st or 2nd gear...

This mod is completely broken.
Not the best i have tried, i like the mod but the interior bugs me, the lack of color on the rollcage and texture. also the mirrors all look into the cockpit
Excellent mod! Great FFB and super divine noises!
Just an amazing Mod, the handling and also the detailed car models are very good. Thanks to everyone involved in this mod for SCE!
Driving the Corvette around Road America is a truly sublime experience.

Amazing mod.
Thx for the mod its super. Where do I find the templates so I can make custom skins?
Hello guys, sorry for my ignorance but i can not find the rfm archives in this mod, in consequence the cars not appeared to me ingame, what can i have to do?, i hope anyone can help me.
Thanks in advance.
This and Sebring is amazing
The best GT3 mod available for GSCE!
5 Stars!
Own all the driving sims and I think I just fell in love with this mod. Best used on a Thrustmaster.
Fantastic cars to GSC, many thanks.
Love this Mod, best Ive tried for GSCE... probably converted from Shift 2... too bad who ever did this didnt do the same for the GT1 category... Thank you very much for sharing....
Yes, I'm loving driving this ones. I always end up driving one of these, except the f430 wich gives me an error with 2 "GT*.mas" files.
Thank you
Thank you so much! These are a blast to drive.
Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated!
Thanks for posting this. Was on my list of conversions but you have saved me the job. Very nice FFB. Great mod.
Excellent ^^ thx for your mod & your work.
I cant take credit for either the original mod or the conversion, simply sharing a good mod i found on my travels around the interweb :)
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