FFBClip app 5.3

Shows your current FFB level and clipping, and suggest a FFB setting

  1. Small bugfix

    Atle Dreier
    *Fixed a small bug preventing default target gains above 100%
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  2. Small bugfix

    Atle Dreier
    *Corrected wrong range of the default strength slider
    *Adjusted graph refresh default value (was set to 0.5, now default to 2)
  3. Added "Run in background" functionality

    Atle Dreier

    * Added run in background
    *Fixed default value for graph refresh
  4. Version 5.0 is finally here!

    Atle Dreier
    Finally, the new version is here.
    A total rewrite again. Most of the code is new.

    There is now a Forcefeedback strength slider. At 100% this is the full range of your wheel, with very little clipping. Reduce it for a lighter feel and more headroom, increase it for stronger ffb and more clipping.

    There's an option page with some new settings:
    Manual override. Auto is now the default state, but enable this for full manual mode
    DD-mode. Enable this if you have a DD wheel. It will set all...
  5. Fixed "Stuck at 200% gain" bug

    Atle Dreier
    This update should fix the "Stuck at 200% gain" bug that could occur when you paused the game.

    Also added Whitestar's great app icons.
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  6. PreferGraph and Resetbutton changes

    Atle Dreier
    * Added PreferGraph to FFBClip.ini. Set to 1 to have Graph as the default view
    * Reset button now resets the gain to 100% and sets manual mode
  7. Bugfix and "Light" mode

    Atle Dreier
    * Added "Light" mode. This will allow very little clipping
    * Fixed the Target Gain calculation. It should now work as expected. With very low target gains you may exerience some clipping even in light mode (TG less than 60%). This is due to the new method and some limitations I had to make for performance and clarity.
  8. UI cleanup and bugfixes

    Atle Dreier
    V4.3 Changelog
    * Cleaned up the code significantly
    * Cleaned up the UI significantly
    * Split the Dynamic mode from the profiles to a separate button. Dynamic mode will now always set "Auto" mode, and always disable auto mode when toggled back off
    * Finally added a reset button
    * Removed the logging feature

    With the new method you can end up "chasing" the gain a little in manual mode in the beginning. This is due to the fact the app will have too little...
  9. Histogram mode added

    Atle Dreier

    Added histogram mode, and made it the default method.

    Histogram stores the time spent at each force level, and use that as a basis to calculate the gain needed. This results in a much more stable compromise, and it's much more solid for "difficult" tracks like Spa and Nordschleife.
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  10. New version 4.1.3 - fully automated

    Atle Dreier

    Fixed Maximal mode division by zero error
    Hopefully fixed all modes this time.
    Adjusted initial dynamic mode, it is a lot less harsh now. The normal dynamic mode is untouched.
    App now correctly loads gains from the Combo.ini file.

    Fixed Global mode.
    Manual mode when finished gathering data now works
    New PreferManual mode in FFBClip.ini makes the app always start in manual mode
    New PreferGlobal mode in FFBClip.ini makes...