FFB Project CARS2

FFB Project CARS2 FFB_PRO_V2.0

No permission to download
- test with Project Cars PRO version
- various corrections of the FFB file
FFB Project CARS2 PRO V1.0
Some corrections in the ffb file and in the Thrustmaster panel.
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New version FFB Project CARS 2 - V5

Fanatec & Thrustmaster
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New version 4.1
Main changes:
- the volume changes to 58
- adjustment of certain values in the ffb_custom_settings file
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New update.

Version 4.0

Main changes:
- FFB files
- Rotation / angle
- Gain
- Volume
- Tone
- FX
- Steering Sensitivity

As usual, you will find all the detail in the PDF file.

Good test

Thank you
TX3 Slawek
## Update ##
New ffb_custom_settings.txt files
Changes in game settings
Changes in the Thrustmaster panel
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