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Ferrari's Opponents AI Setups (For Kunos Spa) 1.0F (Optional)

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Here's the "long awaited" (not really) Ferrari F138 ai setup
Nothing to say but expect from low midfield to top 6 results
Download the previous version if you want the other setups
Toro Rosso - Don't even ask
Marussia - What the heck even is a pace? (highest in experiments is P14)
Low midfield became high midfield runner and "possible" top 6 challenger (not really top 6 but maybe top 8)
(Note: Last update for a while because and i quote "HOW THE HECK DOES THE MARUSSIA AND TORO ROSSO WORK?!" A.K.A no similar F1 car to reference on how to setup the car)
~~Basically the setups~~
Williams - "Look at me go in a straight line!"
Caterham - "I'm the miracle kid"
Well then this was a weird one to work on
Enjoy! (and expect weird results)
Nothing special just the really slow McLaren getting to the points and maybe podium pace setup