Ferrari SF21 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021

Ferrari SF21 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 V2.06

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FERRARI SF21 - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Scuderia Ferrari SF21 Livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021.

Complete with Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz Liveries.

Recommend downloading Marco17_ok

Skin includes
  • Complete Liveries #16 & #55
  • Ferrari Driver Helmets (Courtesy of Marco17_Ok & jvinu2000)
  • Ferrari Driver Overalls & Gloves

Ferrari SF21_16.1.jpg
Ferrari SF21_16.2.jpg
Ferrari SF21_16.3.jpg
Ferrari SF21_16.4.jpg
Ferrari SF21_55.1.jpg
Ferrari SF21_55.2.jpg
Ferrari SF21_55.3.jpg
Ferrari SF21_55.4.jpg

Upcoming updates will feature minor adjustments along the way. Please feel free to donate if you enjoy the livery and don't forget to leave a rating.

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Latest reviews

Prefer the darker red in my opinion
IMHO, the darker and more saturated red fits much better and it looks closer to the real car. Thanks for your awesome work.
Maybe you could compare the tone to the new F1 Codemasters game? Is their version more accurate? Excellent skin either way.
The livery is good, but the red colour is wrong! Give it a fix please
Its not. Its your shader most likely
Ty for the awesome skin.
No trouble!
High quality skin. I appreciate that you have made constant updates. I wish that someone would make the upgraded wheel textures without the mission winnow logo so there will be some consistency in the way the wheel looks. All in all, great job.
Agreed I will push for them to achieve this!
Excellent as always
Thank you so much!
Very high quality, excellent work
Thank you ever so much!
Good work, it's a great skin. Thank you very much!

I did notice in the last revision that the 16_Ferrari_SF21_MW is ever so slightly darker than the other 3 skins (excluding the fantasy skin). I genuinely only noticed it because I updated my previews and flicking between them all that's the only one with a very minor discrepancy.

Again thank you and it isn't a criticism, just an observation!
You did a great work, however you can still make some small tweaks to make it perfect:

1) The Shell, Kaspersky, Pirelli and Mahle logos should be moved up a bit and be closer to the number.
2) You could make the number a tiny bit bigger, i know that the nose is completely different but i think there is room to make it a bit bigger.
3) The parts inside the air intake under the tcam shoud be black instead of red.
4) The main red should be a bit more saturated and brighter; the darker red should begin a bit further.
5) You could try to replicate the real nose tip shape by using the red and the black colors.

Keep up the good work!
Nice one thank you
thanks for your wonderful work! if I can give you a suggestion, to overcome the problem of very small sponsors on halo, you could do as Marko17_Ok did for redbull skins, that is, enlarge the logos so that they cover two of the three halo wings. Furthermore, you have the possibility to insert the #weraceasone and richard mille logos, using the lower lateral surface of the halo (as Marko17_Ok did for Honda logo in his redbull skin) thus making the skin perfect.
probably the best livery for this mod so far, its a shame that the rss model doesn´t look nothing like the irl ferrari, but you did the best considering the limitations and its the most beautiful skin to look at while racing
Thank you very much! The 2020 Car is based off of the Ferrari though isnt it :)
You've have done a good job, but is nowhere near perfect, the ferrari logo at the nose has the italian flag under and over it, the mission winnow green logo is bigger goes to the top of the car, the logos on the halo are WAAAAAY too small, the ray ban logo on the right side of the car goes too high.
On the left side of the car the mission winnow logo are inverted, the mission winnow logo on the front wing are in the wrong position.
You missed some logo of estrella galicia near the cockpit, the mission winnow logo behind the cockpit is stretched over the edges.
The MW on the side of the nose is smaller than it should be, just like the other logos on that part of the car, the fins that are near those logos are super black, make them red or carbon fiber pls.
Alot of these issues are down to limitations of the template. I cannot make the logos bigger without them being super pixilated. And the rest is all an interpretation considering the car model isn't the Ferrari SF21 so some proportions may not be the same as they appear on the real car.

Sorry you feel that strongly distracts you when racing from a cockpit, off set t cam or on a replay at 150+mph
Very nice ... congratulations, I wanted to ask for the winnow mission logo in green, shouldn't it be bigger? looks small, congratulations
Your skins are fabulous!!! thx

Can you take inpiration from Jumper2022 Redbull to improve your SF21 nose? will beperfect!
Thank you very much!! I'm afraid not, it isnt worth my time making this small change, apologies about this.
Looks fantastic but quite big in size. It looks like 4k. Could you provide a 2k version please for lower config ?
I'm afraid not, it's just the way gimp renders the files I'm afraid
Thanks for the livery and your continuous updates, looking great!
Thank you very much
Really really good job!!! Thanks!!!!
Thank you very much
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