Ferrari Formula E Team - Skin (Formula WCP E GEN 2 2018-2019) 1.1

Ferrari Carpack for Formula E GEN 2 mod for AMS

  1. cristianoid
    What if Ferrari joined Formula E? This is a FERRARI fictional livery for the new Formula E GEN 2 for the mod Formula WCP E GEN 2 2018-2019 by WCP-series for Automobilista.

    It includes Mick Schumacher and NĂ­colas Vieira car livery. Driver suit and helmets 2017, 1991 and F-Ultimate.

    Base is the template by WCP, available here.
    Thanks WCP Team, its a great mod.

    AMS 11-01-2019 14-35-47-261.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-36-03-252.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-36-25-666.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-36-52-398.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-37-16-196.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-37-30-325.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-40-57-662.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-41-13-108.jpg
    AMS 11-01-2019 14-41-13-951.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheWhiteHelmet
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent, looks pretty good ingame :) thanks !
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