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Ferrari F430 Vs. Porsche 997 RSR 1.02

No permission to download
quality, thx!
Thanks for a very best car mod!!!
Maybe the best Ferrari and Porsche cars available on GSCE.
I'm using it in AMS though! lol
Fantastic mod Patrick, thanks very much :)
SuperCool x10! Thank you for the updates. :)
Hi, im struggling to figure out why the cars wont show up in this mod. I am doing everything correctly in terms of installing but still no luck...
Patrick Giranthon
It is not the place to try to solve your problem. Sure you did something wrong. Perhaps you forgot to put the rfm folder
I just ran some laps at Monza with both of these cars and all I can say is...Awesome work!!!
One of the best mods available! Great FFB, sounds and graphics.
Simply the best!
Great Mod
Top notch.
This is one of the absolute best! Merci, Patrick
OMG! It's perfect. Handling and FFB is amazing. Great trailing throttle rotation on both cars. Best mirror resolution I've seen in GSC. How is that possible?
Brilliant mod, brilliant FFB.
Merci Patrick T'est un chef ;-)
Thank you Patrick. Will have fun with these cars!
10 stars if i could. Awesome!! Thx amillion!
Stupendously awesome
Amazing cars, amazing FFB, amazing fun. Get this!