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Ferrari F2002 Marlboro (Limited) 1.1

Ferrari F2002 Marlboro

  1. scottm0351
    This was limited because of the overlapping UV’s. The right side Marlboro text is inverted and I left off the Marlboro logo on the nose because the nose UV’s would mirror down the middle.

    Before installing this mod backup these files:

    Installations Instructions:

    Go to:
    F1 2017 > asset_groups > f1_classic_02_vehicle_package > teams > c_ferrari_02 > wep >

    Replace this file:

    Go to:
    F1 2017 > f1_classic_02_vehicle_package > teams > c_ferrari_02 > textures >

    Replace this file:


    1. Photo_1.jpg
    2. Photo_2.jpg
    3. Photo_3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. aowzone
    Version: 2017-10-18
    Barcode version possible? Would rather see it, since it was a real livery, than mirrored logos.

    Would you be willing to share your base texture if you don't want to make a barcode version yourself?