Ferrari F138 Steering Wheel Update 1.1

a fresh update for the Ferrari Steering Wheel!

  1. Jeffry in t Veld
    I find that the original Ferrari steering wheel does not look very appealing, colors seem washed and low textures. I did not find a Ferrari steering wheel upgrade or a HD version in the resources here, so i started one myself!

    Bare with me, this is my first mod for 2013 so i pretty much had to learn while on the go. Took me a night and here is the result!

    All buttons have been updated, the wheel also has a fresh new carbon fiber look, the Ferrari center logo has the vintage Ferrari yellow added to it and a entire fresh logo, the original looked very washed and pale. I even upgraded some of the screws and the metal switches for BO, Start and Wet! Hope you like my first try at a mod! And if you like it, please add a review here!
    Preview.jpg pa050143.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Salut Gilles
    Salut Gilles
    Version: 2013-12-08
    Very nice, excellent art work! Thanks for sharing!
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