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Ferrari F138 SD, HD & Ultra HD by LeoDSV

Ferrari F138 SD, HD & Ultra HD by LeoDSV 2.0

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Like a couple of post I made 3 years ago, that's not a mod made by me.

This is from LeoDSV. Sadly like every mod of F1 2012 made before April 2013 the download disappeared on this site. I have it, so I decided to upload again. I think I'm doing something useful. Tell me if it's a problem for someone.

--> Also, if someone still have F1 2012 mods that went lost I please everyone to upload again.

Thank you and good game to everyone.

(PS! These screenshot aren't mine and you won't find that Pirelli texture in the download... just the Ferrari livery)


Latest updates

  1. Barcelona Edition

    Barcelona Edition of the F138 (in the F2012 shape).

Latest reviews

Thank you so much for doing this. You think you could re-upload some hd texture mod for the tyre? Thanks again!
no sorry... I don't have those tyres in my pc... the screenshots came with the files I downloaded years ago and are not mine
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How do you add the .rar file to the game.
to unzip it would be a good idea
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Thank you, i'm really like the texture of the tyre in your image, and i don't know where to find it :(((
ouch... I didn't even noticed, these screenshot arent'even mine... looking at the words on it seems like something created for an online championship, maybe writing it on google you can find it
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26.9 MB
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