Ferrari Carrer Helmet v.2.4

Helmet for a Ferrari Driver

  1. Casillas101
    It's my helmet for a carrer in Ferrari. I added few new sponsors to the helmet design, as let's say - driver sponsors. Every driver have its own, so do I.

    Hope You enjoy it! I can remove number if it helps. ;) Zrzut ekranu (17).png Zrzut ekranu (18).png Zrzut ekranu (19).png

Recent Reviews

  1. T04STY
    Version: v.2.4
    Best Helmet out there for Ferrari!
    Did you consider making a black to red helmet, after already having a red and a white to red one?
    I'd really appreciate that because I 'don't really fancy the red one and the white one looks a lot like Sebs in the replays. Long story short, I'd really love to see a black to red version of it :)
  2. Klick3r
    Version: v.2.4
    Wie kann man das nochmal ändern im Photoshop? könnte man mir vielleicht per TS oder discord weiter helfen?
  3. SebFan
    Version: v.2.4
    Thanks for the update, now it's perfect :)
  4. SebFan
    Version: 2.0
    Amazing helmet. but can you remove the number? Or can you give us a .pds file so we can put custom number on it? Thx
    1. Casillas101
      Author's Response
      Sure! I uploaded a new version. ;)
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