Ferrari 599XX "Blancpain Monza Edition" 1.0

Celebrating the 2014 start to the Blancpain series

  1. Bernd Graf
    With the start of the electric 2014 Blancpain Endurance season, I thought I'd celebrate by making a Monza-inspired fantasy livery for the 599XX Evoluzione.

    I chose the number 98 to commemorate Enzo's birth year...little did I know the #98 McLaren would win the race!

    Two versions of the skin are provided, with or without more sponsors :)

    acs 2014-04-12 16-47-07-65.jpg acs 2014-04-12 16-49-46-74.jpg acs 2014-04-12 16-51-56-21.jpg
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  1. Henky SA
    Henky SA
    Version: 2014-04-14
    great job, thanks for sharing :D