Ferrari 488 GT3 Sound Mod

Ferrari 488 GT3 Sound Mod 0.9

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Amazing work. Great improvement over the original one.
The best!!!!!!! thank you very much!!!!!!!!!
Is it possible to make the Ferrari a little quieter?
When I use the sound I hardly hear the other sounds from your mods anymore, the Ferrari overlays all of them, so to speak.
Hi that shouldn't be the case. I made it as loud as the gtr gt3 or thereabouts and that is a relatively quiet car.

I'll double check for the next update

Also check your opponents volume in the audio app. It could be that you have a setting which is too low.
+1 good job
So this car doesnt start? it dont have a startsound
Couldn't find a decent start sound, at least not from the inside.

Plus, the real car idles at around 2.1k revs. Kunos' idles at 900rpm. The only way I could make this work is to not add pitch adjustment to the idle rev samples.

If I find one I'll add one in for the next update
Thank you. Please make some sounds for DPI Cars.
Already in my list
The best AC sound modder strikes again, well done! Praying hard on Gods racing knees for some URD T5 2018 audio love.
excellent ! just need the big "bang" at the first gear upshifts. It's lige a gunshot, and there is one at the gear upshifts up to 4 from 5 I'd say.
Will look into this, thanks for the feedback
Excellent as usual, thanks for keeping the sound mod section alive!
No worries

I'm sad it's kind of dying
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