Ferrari 458 Stage3 - The Rolling Stones

Ferrari 458 Stage3 - The Rolling Stones 1.0

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I have been a Stones fan most of my life. I saw them first at Memorial Drive in Adelaide, dare I say, in 1973. Then again at Football Park, Adelaide in 1995. I will see them again for a 3rd time in 23 days time. The Stones will open a redeveloped Adelaide Oval with a huge concert 40 years after I first saw them. To say I'm excited is an understatement! Anyway, that's why I did this skin.... Enjoy it!


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thankyou! I have been using this skin a lot today to celebrate that the old guys are playing close to my home to night on the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Unfortunaly everything is sold out.
That was the main reason I made the skin. Unfortunately Mick Jagger's girlfriend died 5 days before the Stones were due to play here.... But they are going to come back at the end of October to play... still have my tickets... so I hope they don't get too worn out touring Europe... :)
Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier... Thank you!
Amazing!!! Very nice work!!! Thanks
Thanks for your comments Riccardo

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